Wooden Plaques were the inaugural wooden giftware range by eden with pencils. Initially using hand-painted illustrations with fabric and attaché pieces, time became the defeating factor, and a quicker method required adoption. Research and development into reprinting designs onto wood went into action.

  • Firstly using dry rub-off decals which nearly always went wrong
  • Secondly via direct digital printing by feeding wooden plaques through the industrial printer
  • Finally by adopting a vinyl-stencil method of using graphic design technology to create imagery by hand which was then uploaded to though the computer and turned an image into a printable stencil so that the stencil could be used directly onto the wood, painting the space within

Each method produced its own results, hence the variation in designs that have been created over time. What’s clear is that the hand-painted illustrations were always going to be the originals that nourished Yvie’s soul.