Working with wood was not what eden with pencils had in mind when it first began operating as a fledgling cottage industry in late 2010. Exactly how the artwork came to be associated with wood is now a distant and fuzzy memory, it had something to do with not having the right material to paint a particular design onto, and the piece of driftwood that longed to be used, after being sanded down and primed, became the perfect piece with all its knots and ridges.

Since that momentous day, eden with pencils has become associated more for their wooden gift range than anything else. The collection includes Plaques, AlphaCubes, Danglies, Bunting and Stacking Blocks. All shaped into a fashion to be somewhat different to the competition. AlphaCubes was coined because the cubes were being referred to as blocks, which could not be distinguished from the stacking blocks or the bunting blocks. Alpha- because they are cubes with the alphabet. The Danglies was also coined so that customers would know that these were a collection that would be dangle.