Peek inside the world of eden with pencils‘ art work! From typography to printmaking, wood to illustration, there is a growing collection of experiments and dreamscapes with elements of nostalgia, contemporary design, and bold colour. Browse the links above and below for more intimate detail, and feel free to share or repost if you are smitten.

The collection spans the past four years, with most recent work being researched as part of the BA (Hons) Illustration, Graphic Novels and Children’s Publishing course at Glyndwr University‘s North Wales School of Art and Design. I feel extremely fortunate to have been taken under the wing of experts in the industry who are still proving their weight in gold. Yadzia Williams is leading on general illustration, Sue Thornton on children’s illustration, and Dan Berry on Graphic Novels. Dan and I get to talk about pen nibs and paper quality. Even though Graphic Novels is not the avenue for me, I can still see how his style appeals to me, just as Quentin Blake’s does (my childhood hero). Sue’s encouragement within my composition and animal character development is playing a crucial role in current work. And Yadzia’s international enthusiasm and belief in following your passion means discussion are colourful and aspirational.

The Wood Collection is an array of giftware for individuals ranging in age, and marketing tools for businesses across North Wales and Cheshire, including the 2013-2014 sponsorship season for RGC1404 at Parc Eirias in Colwyn Bay, home to the North Wales Rugby Union squad under the watchful eye of General Manager Rupert Moon and coach Chris Horsman. A chance meeting with international rugby legend Warren Gatland for one of the home matches was an absolute delight, discussing jigsaws and Welsh Mountain Goats was memorable to say the least. Even though creating wooden gifts has now become secondary to developing other artistic practices, the plethora of work created from experimental research into the art of wood leaves a feast of memories, from the Chester Christmas Market (2013) to the various craft fairs during my newly self-employed era. The majority of creations were exhibited and sold from the little wooden chalet during the Christmas of 2013.

Illustration is the essential ingredient in this briefcase, it’s where the journey began after all, and my heart has fallen for children’s illustration and general illustration for non-fiction. With the university course as a professional guide, I am working on external projects in both fields; collaborating with local authors for a range of children’s picture books, and researching a cultural guide to coffee as part of of a series of non-fiction work to be published with the ebullient team at  Middle Farm Press. The non-fiction work, A Coffee Trail: Adventures with Coffee, is a crowdfunding project that will see communities being promoted for their independent social hubs that have become part of the essential backdrop of local culture. The children’s picture books are a study into the needs and expectations of the human being, establishing foundation stories for nutrition, emotion, health, bereavement, and more, the first range are evolving thanks to the beautiful words of author Sue Lawton. Using animals as the narrative, this coincides with my degree where I am studying animals and their quirky characters, as well as floral design, food and drink, and travel maps. The recent brief for studying humans within cafés and on the television is pushing my skills towards anthropomorphism.

Workshops for Typography and Printmaking at the university have fuelled a desire to learn and do more with these media, particularly when it comes to designing book covers and packaging.

To contact me about freelance work, exhibiting or sales, please write to me. I’d love a postcard, but if it must be digital, then either by email at or on the contact form will be wonderful too.