The Brief

Looking at silhouette, also known as flat colour, as a method of illustrating a section of the story of The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, my brief was to research the original text and create three double page spreads for doing a children’s book format. The artwork to be completed with three flat colours, black & white, and no line work or texture, with the final artwork produced in Adobe Illustrator as vector-based artwork.

I was to research how the silhouette has developed from paper cuts to contemporary cgi, and also find other artists who use flat colour without linework effectively.

My tasks were to develop my character as a silhouette, exploring body language to generate the narrative; considering backgrounds, composition, text, and design. With regards to composition, there needed to be an intention to illustrate the story with three colours and white & black, whilst carefully considering the foreground, middle ground and background, using three shades of grey during the planning phase. In order to choose the colour scheme, this required evidence of a critical section process. All roughs were to be signed off by my tutors before progressing to the final artwork.

My silhouette or flat colour result was to be produced through the Adobe Illustrator, with final artwork completed to a professional print finish and ready for reproduction. Here is the outcome of the first set of briefs!

I decided to requite the original story – an ekphrastic adaptation – and filtered it through Instagram for the vignette/twilight effect.