eden with pencils was originally started by Yvie Johnson in December 2010 as a therapeutic outlet for a heavy duty career, by illustrating greetings cards and family portraits and then working in the medium of wood as a canvas, when she was invited to create gifts for others and establish herself as a professional artist.

What started as a personal project transformed into a small international creative business but Yvie’s approach is still very organic and personal, reflecting her emotive desire for uniqueness and goal of delivering the highest quality.

Yvie has immersed herself back into student life at the North Wales School of Art & Design in order to develop her illustration and art direction skills in the commercial design world, and is currently working on two main projects alongside her studies. Both projects are a reflection of Yvie’s passion for the diversity of art culture, where elements of modern and nostalgic, the beautiful and the kitsch, the eccentric and the curious collide.

Aiming to cultivate her style within the compass of pen and ink, watercolours, handmade typography, printmaking, general illustration and children’s illustration, eden with pencils‘ two book projects are being researched with careful attention to detail with the hope that they will be treasured for years to come.