Warming Up

Greetings Autumn, you fill me with joy and inspire warm, golden and rustic colours to infiltrate my designs. University is now three weeks in and my passion for creativity has been enhanced, not exhausted. That’s a great sign of things to come!

With a number of projects under way for the different disciplines of the course, I’m surprised I have not felt a need to pick a favourite, and by default, not look forward to a certain element. The disciplines range from illustration, life drawing and typography, to theory, Photoshop and composition. The dust and cobwebs have been scraped from the boxes of paints, charcoals, pencils and pastels. The stock of sketchpads have resurfaced, and desk cleared of wood scrapings and redundant strips of vinyl.

IMG_0070Since the course began, the emotions have run high, the anxiety levels skyrocketed, the enthusiasm and excitement wobbling, and the curiosity endless. What is this world of illustration that I’m unearthing? The layers are slowly being peeled back, day after day, whilst I absorb at a pace I haven’t worked at in a number of years.

So far, Ibsa has developed, a Scandinavian girl in ‘Orla Kiely’ land, part of one of the first projects. A book idea around culture and beverages has been discussed, brainstormed, and adopted. And the business of vanity publishing for families has been touted for charity.Tomorrow is field trip #1. Liverpool will be discovered, the galleries my new home for the day. Look out for me doodling and sketching at the cafés and benches.


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